Move over, hot tub. Make room, outdoor pool. ‘Cause who still wants a static soak in the sun, if you can bathe and ride in:


Vespaqua is the world’s smallest, but most exciting bathhouse - because it’s mobile! Up to three minty green bathtubs, being towed around by a 1966 Vespa Ape, will provide bathers with the most relaxing, yet thrilling dip they will ever encounter. Candidates simply register at the Vespaqua bathing station, change into one of the funky swimsuits provided and step into a hot bath on wheels straight after.

Before setting of on their watery trip, a slipcover is zipped up over the bath, maintaining (the temperature of) the water inside and giving the bather a bit of privacy simultaneously. Needless to say, the water is refreshed after every dip trip, and bathrobes and towels are waiting for the soakees upon their return.

Vespaqua takes the joy of bathing to the next level; it provides a bath with a view! Let yourself be driven around beautiful city centres, calming country sides or buzzing cultural crowds with the wind in your hair and the sun on your face. Vespaqua – a theatrical wellness experience for both the young and the old.

Vespaqua was created by Swoolish Garage in 2011. It took its first dip trips that summer during the hugely popular, Dutch festivals Oerol, Lowlands, Zwarte Cross and Noorderzon – and never looked back. Want to know about our other acts?