K-veewagen Theater&Terras: Loei gezellig!

Acht kuub stront verwijderd, kilo’s nieuw staal, maanden in de kou gelast eindeloos overleg met de rdw, keuringen, honderden gaatjes opnieuw...Lees meer

the Voodoo Patrol Club, An artist café in style.        

 The club is an exclusive place for artists, its backstage and is not for everyone. The things that happen in this...Lees meer


Move over, hot tub. Make room, outdoor pool. ‘Cause who still wants a static soak in the sun, if you can bathe and ride in:


...Lees meer

Swoolish is the smallest, cosiest swinging room that brings you the warm sounds of Jazz, Exotica, Swing Rhythm and vintage records-

from a couch in a sultry atmosphere.

Swoolish...Lees meer

If seeing a vintage Vespa scooter already catapults you into that sweet and sunny, rock ’n roll, boogie on-fifties vibe, then be prepared for double the fun when you feast your eyes on:

...Lees meer

Ah, to soak the feet! It’s one of those blissful things you don’t get ‘round to at home - let alone on the go. But anguish no more, because all those tootsie care cravers out there can now soak up...Lees meer

Is it a fountain? Not just! Is it a light show? Absolutely! Is it interactive? Of course it is! It’s:


Move up to this mountainous statue of rubber duckies...Lees meer

Next to the acts we builded for ourself, we build different other projects in our Garage:


In opdracht van De Schoenfabriek (...Lees meer