Is it a fountain? Not just! Is it a light show? Absolutely! Is it interactive? Of course it is! It’s:


Move up to this mountainous statue of rubber duckies galore and a smile will etch itself onto your face. To call Aquaduck simply ‘a water and light installation’, is to do it injustice; Aquaduck is a festival to the senses! Why? It streams water in choreographically mesmerising patterns. It’s equipped with buttons to turn viewers into performance participants. At night, each stream is a ray of ever changing light. And all of this is overseen by the colour beaming crowd of ducks that make this spectacle of the elements what it is: a sensationally hypnotic centrepiece.

Aquaduck is surrounded by benches, so visitors can easily hang out and listen to the calming sound of water trickling down. But what makes Aquaduck unique, is clearly its interactive character. Whilst viewers decide whether the water streams are switched on or off, each of the rays and ducks can change colour – turning Aquaduck into a magically morphing work of liquid and light art.

Being a Swoolish Garage production, Aquaduck has another essential and signature feature: it’s completely mobile. So ‘too bad Trevi’, because Aquaduck can bring lustre to any venue or event!

Aquaduck is the newest edition to the Swoolish Garage entertainment installation line up. Curious about our other music or performance possibilities? Please visit: