Voodoo Patrol Club

the Voodoo Patrol Club, An artist café in style.        

The club is an exclusive place for artists, its backstage and is not for everyone. The things that happen in this special night club-… stay within. It will be the perfect "from dusk till dawn ”rock & roll night club in an intimate set-up. A small circus tent for only a few, a freak-wild-dead-animal-gasoline-whiskey-cocktail-spirits circus bar.  a skull&vinyl -smoke dj-booth. Exotic, wild, garage, taboo, ska, rock&roll music. With drinks chemicals and spirits that are unknown. Everything is possible in this night club: Let this holy place be the stage for some special memories after dark in …Come in and Let yourself go with the rhythm of The Voodoo Petrol Club.

Part of the Voodoo patrol club be booked as DJ Voodoo Patrol!